About Tiny House Plans

Tiny House Plans is a subsidiary of Cad Northwest, a computer-aided drafting company. Through this website, we are introducing our new line of home designs for the micro home market.

We began supplying home owners, builders and contractors with computer-generated design packages in 1989. These packages have helped our customers secure building permits and accurate construction bids, and they have facilitated efficient construction projects for the past 35 years.

We began with one tiny cabin plan set on a 11′-9″ by 17′ footprint. Unlike most tiny house plans we’ve seen, we opted for a full-length porch—giving our customers the choice of a screened-in porch for summer outdoor living.

Our list of plans has grown to reflect the increased interest in small houses.

Reasonable Tiny Home Plan Customization

Not only do we supply stock small house plans, we also customize plans. Many of our customers come to us because:

  • The stock plans they’ve found just don’t meet their needs.
  • The plan is from out of state and doesn’t meet local codes.
  • They’ve found a number of plans with good points and bad points, and they want to consolidate the positive and eliminate the negative.

From our inception, we’ve made customization attainable.

Green Small House Plans

Our PDF delivery system complements the green movement.