Small House Plan C0199A

Tiny Cabin Plan C0199AThis 11′-9″ by 17′ small house plan gives you 199 sq. ft. of compact living space.

Key features you’ll enjoy in this micro house plan are:

  • The full 4′-6″ by 17′ porch spanning the front of the mini cottage gives a full-sized house feel
  • The sleeping loft gives you enough space for a comfortable queen-sized bed.
  • The ladder to the loft takes up minimal floor space.
  • The windows in each end of the loft keep the interior bright.
  • The kitchen is a generous 6′ by 9′ giving you the choice of a larger refrigerator and full-sized oven if desired.
  • The entrance off the porch gives you maximum uninterrupted wall space for optimal furniture placement options.

Additional Details and Ordering

Our plans always include:

  • Roof specifications and Details
  • Elevation drawings
  • Cross sections
  • Connection details
  • Two types of footing designs
  • Bracing details
  • Foundation and floor plans
  • Plumbing and Electrical
  • Materials list

This plan’s specs are:

Walls – 2X6 studs @ 16 O.C.
Roof – 12/12 pitch, framed roof
Design Snow Load – 50# / S.F. live roof load
Ceiling Height – 8′
Size – 11′-9” wide X 17′ long
Footing Size – 12″ wide X 6″ tall
Overall Height – 16′

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