Tiny House Plans

What sparked your interest in a mini house plan?

  • You are ready to own a home with a micro mortgage instead of a monster mortgage.
  • There are just the two of you—and tiny house designs streamline expenditures so efficiently—whether you’re starting out or retirement streamlining.
  • You want small house designs which leave a smaller footprint.
  • You need a dedicated office space.
  • You desire a vacation space with more style than a motor home.

Whatever your starting point, we specialize in designs for functional micro cottages.

Tiny Floor Plans for Independent Business Owners

Our small house plans double up as the perfect office space. Their small footprints are perfect for an out-of-home office.

Small Cottage Plans for Couples

Our wee house plans are a great solution for getting started as property owners. They cost less to build so you don’t need a large mortgage.

Our mini house plans are the perfect choice for seniors at the downsize phase of life. We have small house plans to accommodate your desire to remain in your own home.

Small House Society Enthusiasts

“Better Living Through Simplicity.”

We design small homes that fit your goals as participants in the small house movement.